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No, Coaching with Sonia B. does not accept insurance for services provided. There are two primary reasons why insurance is not accepted.

1.     Lack of confidentiality: All managed care plans involve direct management by the plans case managers. Often it is necessary for the case manager to disclose anything and everything related to your case to your MCP. The information they obtain is used for determining the benefits that they allocate at their own discretion. This may also impact your right to confidentiality and it is possible your information will be stored in a computer system that can be accessed by anyone. The FBI and law enforcement can access your insurance information at any time. This information could be used to your disadvantage should a legal problem arise.

2.       Difficulty in getting coaching services authorized: Due to the direct care management by MCP’s and their desire to keep cost at a minimum, getting coaching sessions authorized is often cumbersome and time consuming. Every plan has different requirements and standards for authorizations. Even if coaching services were authorized by your MCP they only will allow a certain number of sessions per year. Each individual has their own unique path which may require more or less sessions.

What is coaching?

Coaching focuses on assisting people with goal achievement. Although therapy also helps people with goal achievement, coaching places a strong focus on the future, where the client plans to go and the steps to get there.

A life coach assists clients in organizing and undertaking the pursuit of their goals. A life coach works with clients to empower and motivate individuals. A life coach assists the client in the awareness of their resistance and barriers that impede their progress towards goal attainment.

Do You Accept International Clients?

Yes, we do provide our services online Globally.  Sonia has a large

client-base located around the world and has no issue scheduling in a suitable time to work with you either via zoom, live chat, live call.

Please email us on the contact form to discuss what suits both our schedules.

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