About Healthy Living

Health and wellness coaches are trained in empathy, motivational interviewing and behavioral counseling skills, and can help individuals set realistic goals.”

The Healthy Living Personal Program

Healthy living is essentially making healthy choices in your daily life. When you think of behaviors that put your health at risk, you will typically think of alcohol and substance abuse. Yet it’s also the seemingly mundane habits, like an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and sleep that are just as harmful.

While both sets of behaviors are detrimental to your health, it's the everyday habits that can be dangerous in the long term and lead to health problems. There are some lifestyle choices you can make, which when they become habits, appear easy and have a positive impact on your daily life, including:

  • following a balanced diet

  • drinking plenty of water

  • exercising regularly

  • maintaining a good sleep schedule

  • socializing and nurturing positive relationships

  • having a good work/life balance

  • practicing self-care

While this can seem obvious, making these changes and knowing when to ask for help can be daunting. We understand how important it is to feel comfortable on your journey, so we’re here to help. 

The Healthy Living Workshop


What is a health coach?

While most health coaches are not qualified doctors, they can often supply you with the motivation and support required to live a healthy life. Health coaches are supportive mentors, who work with you to help you feel your best, through food and lifestyle change.

Health coaching is a development of life coaching, so a health coach will often also be able to support you with other issues associated with healthy living, such as weight management, career development, relationship issues, and stress management.

Health coaching differs from personal training and counseling, by promoting you as the expert in the partnership. This means focusing on improving your quality of life, rather than addressing an emotional or physical problem.


A health coach will typically refrain from giving advice, prescribing, or diagnosing an issue and instead use their expertise to devise an action plan and provide you with the tools to achieve your goals.